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"Solutions for issues within a community can be  found within that community". Samoan Proverb

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Our Roots

Trust MYRIVR was established in 2016 and released its beta version in 2017 for testing in New Zealand. It was developed to significantly increase the accessibility and utilization of health and social services in the community. The MYRIVR app helps businesses raise their profile, improve customer experience and connect with new viewers, through the development of bespoke virtual hubs. MYRIVR streamlines its working processes, in order to provide a return on investment that adds value for both the customer and the bottom line.

“MYRIVR is the largest consolidated app packaged directory of social services in New Zealand. The innovative MYRIVR App tracks self-referral status in real-time and gives both the consumer and service provider visibility of performance against agreed deliveries and outcomes. Data captured through the App will efficiently and accurately evidence how effectively service providers are performing allowing them to drive their continuous improvement systems and policies based on actual user feedback.”




Experienced Executive Board Member with a demonstrated history of working in the information, health and social services industry. Skilled in Management, Start-ups, Healthcare, Leadership, and Relationship Building. Strong business development professional studying towards a Master of Business Administration - MBA focused in Business/Commerce, General from Australian Institute of Business.

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Consultant/Project Management

Akerei has over 20 years of experience in law enforcement, community building, social good advocate, and as an esteemed white ribbon ambassador. His leadership skills, humour, and compassion helps him lead others towardstheir own path of healing. Akerei acquired these unique intuitive skills to help others through his own journey transitioning from a survivor of trauma and adversity he experienced as a child sexual abuse and suicide victim and survivor, a youth gang member--to now a community trauma prevention advocate.

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I possess a thorough knowledge of effectively analysing various standards of security operational programs; performing risk assessments and managing the implementation of a safe environment in the organization. My past experience has helped me to acquire excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to convey information in a clear and concise manner. My ability also includes excellent leadership skills with the capability to train staff, monitor their performance and find solutions for any issues that arise. I also have the ability to conduct inspection, find potential security risk and make good judgment calls when faced with difficult decision. I possess strong personal ethics, integrity and employ strong problem-solving skills. I lead by empowering teams and bolstering their capabilities to achieve results. I am an outstanding leader with a firm but fair attitude and a reputation for honesty, loyalty, and integrity.

"MYRIVR is your river to help"

Mike King - New Zealander of the Year 2019


7 Hall Street, Level 2, Pukekohe, Auckland

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